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I just posted pic of HD Military on handgun forum and it got me to thinking about the other items in pic. I didn't carry
the HD in RVn but the other stuff I did. The belt buckle is made from the case head of a 40mm Bofors shell which is
from the duel 40mm on M42 Duster. The large Compass is the Gun Compass from a Duster which was suppose to be
used for indirect fire of the 40mms. We never used it and never fired indirect fire nor do I know of any indirect fire
using 40mm in RVn. I guess everyone knows what a p-38 can opener is. The other item is the go& no go and timing
gauge for M2 Brn 50cal MGs. Set headspace with go & no go and set timing on firing solenoids for the Quad-50s. The
HD was not issue and was given to me by a Marine who was going home. He didn't know the history of it either it
had went through several owners in RVn. It fits nicely in my old 45 holster and keeps it from getting beat up in the
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