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Based upon prices on the last few auctions I watched...

- $450 - $550 on the Security Six, depends upon the crowd, have seen them go higher.

That Red Hawk is just an Ugly Gun, you should let me make him an offer on that! :rolleyes:

- Honestly, I've seen those go for anywhere from $700 to $1200, typically around $800 - $850. They don't command quite the price the S&W 629 does, and I really don't know why, they're a stronger built gun.

Blowing the image up on the Redhawk, if possible I think I'd lay hands on it and inspect it closely. Grips are pristine, not a ding, not a scratch, not showing any wear on the finish, wear ring around the cylinder says she's no safe queen. Frame above and below the cylinder, looks almost like it mighta been polished up a little with some 0000 steel wool, or Scotchbrite pad, might question it as a negotiating point. Not a deal breaker, they're built like a tank, probably just trying to clean it up some, took the rubber tacticool grips off and put the original wood furniture back on. Little chrome polish, Flitz metal polish, it'll shine better than new.
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