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Yes, I'm shooting off a rest. I don't have any flinch or anticipation habits. My scoped Ruger SBHH 41 mag., I group 3/4", 6 shots at 25 yds. off the same rest. Is there any "lower" after market sights for this pistol ? The front sight is easily removed/ replaced. I rather monkey with the front sight, the rear sight blade is a real peach to work it.
That is because you have a scope on 41 and a scope has much more elevation adjustment than the rear sight. Shoot it off hand and see how that works for you. I've owned a NM Blackhawk 41 Mag since they first started making them and a 44 Redhawk since abt 1980 and never shot either from a any type of rest. They both shoot heavier bullets higher and lighter bullets lower and that is due to the muzzles lifting slightly more with the slower heavier bullets. Those pistols intentionally have higher front sights than they would on a 22 because of that muzzle lift.
If you still have a problem shooting off hand measure the height of the front sight and send off an email to Ruger. Or, maybe one of our members would measure the front sight height on his SBH and you could compare it to yours.
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