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Ruger and the 327 Federal magnum

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I've noticed Ruger now has the 8 shot 327mag in the Blackhawk line.

Do y'all speculate a Single six or Vaquero in the near future for that caliber?

The 32 H&R single sixes are being converted to 327 by Bowen Custom Guns so the frame can handle it. The 32 is a steel grip frame and ejector where the 22's are not. Bowen's conversion is around $800.

I think a 3 1/2" - 4 3/4" 327 in the vaquero style would make an adequate personal defense weapon being eight shots.

I'd love to see a Vaquerito in 327 mag:

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Don't know. Ruger has dropped their 32 H&R in both the SP-101 and Single Six frames for 2011. The 327Fed is in three of their models. The Blackhawk, GP-100, and SP-101. I assume if sales are steady enough there will be a Single Six version. I have no idea how their sales were with the 32H&R version, although there were several bought up by CASS and similar shooters.
Then we have to find ammo for it.
Yeah, it'd be nice if a few more ammo manufacturers would jump on the bandwagon.

Even the H&R was mostly a reloader caliber, especially for the folks with the single actions. On that side, it's a very nice to reload cartridge. Low powder charges, relatively cheap bullets, durable brass. The only negative was the folks with the leverguns in the H&R. Having to dive into the dirt to recover the forcefully ejected brass after their shooting strings.... ;)
The 32 CB is one of the best leverguns Marlin made. It does great with hot ammo but sucks otherwise except for CAS.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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