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Can you make me a front sight for the Rossi 92? It has a barrel band in the front of the sight location and the standard length sights do not fit. I could send you one. I like the bigger blades. I am making the transition from small beads which I line up on the target to blades which you place below the target.

Are you making the safety plug replacement sights for Steve's Gunz? Sure looks like your work.

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Hey Joe,

I do make the sight that Steve's Gunz ( ) is using in the safety plug replacement for the Rossi's. Steve makes the mounting plug and his work is top drawer! If you have a Rossi this is a great way to mount an aperture closer to your eye. Our barrel mounts work great too but this is a good option also! Steve is a great guy to work with. We recommend him to our Rossi customers almost daily.

If you send me a photo of your rifle front sight I'll let you know what we can do to help.

Please send it to my email listed at
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