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So this past week I went to Rockford, Il to visit my ailing 100 year old grandmother. It was (most likely) the last time I will see her. During the visit I needed to take a break so I headed to the Cabelas about an hour away. Had a great time (always do at Cabelas) looking at some gorgeous collector pieces from Marlin. As I'm leaving I noticed a new .45-70 SBL so I asked to see it.

Net net....a sad excuse from a once proud American rifle manufacturer. Like many before me I would argue that rifle is unsafe to shoot under any circumstance. Even to the naked eye you can see gaps, heavy machine marks, and misalignment in critical areas of the breech and receiver.

If you ever want to validate the many well-documented concerns with new Remlins go take a look at that rifle.

Ugh, what a mess.

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