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Retired the hunt in 91'

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Turned in a gun for a sweet lady. Finally got permission to own again. First on wall is a Marlin .366 30/30. Real fine condition, some rubbing on butt, and trigger. Some marks on stock, I think where someone rested to shoot. Made in 79' I think, ser. is 21XXXXXX, missing the loops for strap, gold trigger. Don't know what the JM is on base of barrel, opposite of discharge side. Want to comment fell free if not same there, glad to post here. Lots of free informitive info. Lots of seemingly knowledgeable people. Thanks for having me.
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Welcome, from DFW, Texas
welcome from florida
Welcome from Western PA! The JM is John Marlin's initials to let you know it is a Marlin barrel. Kinda like a stamp of approval.
Hello from North Florida.
Welcome from Abilene and Goldthwaite, TX! John
Welcome to Marlinowners from Pennsylvania!!
Welcome to Marlinowners from Louisiana!!!!!
Hi Jack Ironrider, I am from NE FL near Jacksonville. Where are you from? This forum is very friendly. Welcome Aboard.
Welcome from South Florida!
Welcome from Vermont. Another new guy, just joined up.

"Jack Ironrider", eh? Hmmmmmm, sounds like we might have more than one similar interest in common.

Welcome from the Peach State!!! 8)
Welcome to MO from Wyo.
Welcome to MO from central Florida. First of many Marlins, only time will tell?
Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Might as well get Virginia on the board. Welcome to Marlinowners. rc
Welcome from TN, Lonnie.
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