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2005 Lever Action Jubilee October 29 & 30 Ridgway Rifle Club, Ridgway, PA

Well, the 2005 Lever Action Jubilee is now history. As it happened, 11 shooters brought a variety of 21 lever action rifles for some lever action long range silhouette fun. There were some nice older rifles too and lots of discussion about our favorite lever guns, loads and cartridges along with some great fellowship.

Here are the rifles that were used on that memorable weekend:
.22 / Marlin 39A
.30-30’s (8) / Marlin Cowboy (4) / ’94 Winchester Buffalo Bill (2) / NRA Centennial Winchester / 94C
(1894-1994 Winchester Centennial Rifle)
.30-40 / 1895 Winchester
.307 / ‘94 Winchester
.32 Colt / 1892 Marlin
.32 W.S. (2) / ‘94 Carbine / ‘64 Rifle
.32/40 / Savage ‘99
.357 Magnum (2) Marlin Cowboys
.38-55 / Marlin Cowboy
.44 W.C.F. / 1873 Winchester
.45 Colt / Marlin Cowboy
.45-70 / 1895 Marlin

Most rifles were equipped with either a peep or tang sight with the exception of the 3 rifles that were scoped.

The steel targets and distances were as follows:
Chickens-200m(217yds.) / Javelina-300m(327yds.) / Turkeys-385m(421yds) / Rams-500m(547yds.)
Shooting was done from the freestyle position - most shooters shot from sitting. No artificial rests like cross sticks were allowed.

10 shots were fired for score at each distance for a total of 40 targets.
Shooters could shoot at the first target at each distance until they hit it to help fine tune their sight setting, then the next 9 rounds were fired at the remaining 9 targets.

Lever action enthusiasts could use a different rifle at a different distance if they wanted to. Three shooters opted to use more than 1 rifle.

Interestingly, the majority of the competitors used cast bullets.

Sending those lever action propelled bullets out over longer distances and hearing the “thwok” of the bullet striking steel and watching as the target disappears, sometimes in a small cloud of dust as the bullet fragments strike the ground, is fascinating indeed.

As a spotter, one can also watch the bullet trail on the way to its distant target which adds a bit more spice to the experience. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Shooting this course with lever actions and, for some of us, cast bullets, just gives it an extra special flavor.

Saturday’s weather was clear, low 50’s and WINDY.
8 shooters competed in the iron sight category. A shooter using a .30-30 Marlin Cowboy scored 5 / 5 / 3 / 4 for the top total of 17/40. His loads were: Lyman’s 311041/ W760 for the chickens, pigs and turkeys, then Lyman’s 311284, 220 gr. bullet for the Rams. Other scores were 16/40, 15/40, 14/40, 10/40, 9/40, 7/40 & 4/40.

3 shooters competed in the scope category. The 2 top scores were also 17/40’s. The tie was broken by a reverse animal count and a woman shooting a .38/55 Marlin Cowboy with a 12X scope took the top spot with 4 / 6 / 3 / 4. Her load was RCBS 250 gr. / Alliant 2495.

Sunday’s weather was almost perfect. Low 60’s and little to no wind.
7 shooters competed in the iron sight class and none in the scope category.

The top score was 20/40 (5 / 5 / 4 / 6) fired by a shooter using 3 different rifles. He used a .22 l.r. on the 200m Chickens (offset so they would fall over), .44 W.C.F. @ 300m, and a .30-30/ 94C at 385m and 500m. Loads were: .22 l.r. Wolf Target / 427098 -H4227 / 168 LBT - W748 / 205 gr. Old West - H414. Other scores were 16/40, 16/40, 15/40, 15/40, 13/40, 10/40.

To rev up the excitement a bit, several side matches of “tres banditos“ were fired each day. In this event, a team of 3 shooters shooting from the offhand position (standing) fired at 5 steel Javelina @ 300m. Two teams would shoot against each other and the team that downed all of their targets the quickest were the winners.

The trick here is to shoot fast……but not too fast….. to allow for a more carefully aimed shot. Well….. that’s what one is supposed to do…..but in the heat of trying to down those targets quickly ……one has a tendency to shoot too quickly. Every once in awhile, one might get lucky and ricochet a low, hastily aimed shot into the target. Been there, done that!

To be successful, a team has to exert some self control, especially if they look at the opposing team’s bank of animals, as the event is unfolding, to discover that they have less targets standing than they do!

It really gets interesting when both teams get down to 1 target remaining and they have a heck of a time hitting it with bullets flying over, under, to the left or to the right!

Anyway, after somewhat fast and furious shooting, the team of Ed, his wife Judy, and friend Al, trounced all comers and downed their 5 targets the quickest, not once, but 3x’s over! They used two .30-30‘s and a 32 W.S. in the process. Great shooting, guys and gal!

Needless to say, a great time was had by all and we are looking forward to 2006 for another Lever Action Long Range Silhouette adventure. Hope you can join us.

Til then……


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Awesome ..

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That might be worth some video..........anybody shoot any? That would be great to watch on a cold windy day when it's too nasty to go out and shoot!



Thanks for the report. I gotta make it up there to your match.

I know you didn't want to say but I have to ask . . Did Judy get most of those tres bandito targets? I bet I already know the answer.

Start castin' buddy, winter's almost here.

Best regards,
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