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I recently acquired a JM 1895GS (93x serial number range) from a pawn shop. The poor thing is in good mechanical condition but a bit of a mess: hadn’t been cleaned in forever, front sight bead bent all to hell, and Bubba had decided to put some lacquer on the stocks *while they were still on the gun*. That’s right friends, part of the receiver and barrel got lacquered too.

I’ve got her all broken down and am in the process of cleaning everything. The lacquer is coming off with denatured alcohol and elbow grease. Presumably it’s taking with it whatever the original finish was, as I am getting down to bare wood that appears to be stained.

My question is: what’s a good approximation for the original finish on a GS? Or for that matter, what’s a good finish? I won’t be using the gun under extreme conditions so I don’t need anything fancy.

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