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Reproduction Marlin Marauder Project

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I am wanting to convert my 1974 Texan .30/30 into a close repro of the Marauder and have read prior posts here. Some of the older posts no longer have photos of similar projects undertaken by some of the members. Could those of you who have done this repost their photos?

Also have some questions--Where can I get the front sight which will be dovetailed in back of the front band?

Is a special front band needed?

Did the original Marauder use the same forearm as the Texan? Some say the arm is longer in front of the band but photos I have seen look the same as the Texan.

How many rounds did the 16 inch tube hold? Is the barrel exactly 16 inches?

What do you think a smith would charge for something like this? Does anyone know of a good one around Central Illinois?

Would Marlin do a project like this?

I appreciate any help.
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If you are determined to make the rifle you have a Marauder... then have at it. But the cost to make it look just like the real deal will surprise you.

If you can deal with the new Marlin and just want a rifle with the trapper feel my vote would be...

Pick up a 336Y that is now a current offering (look in the new 2011 cat.) It has the short barrel but does have a short buttstock. You can pick up a normal size buttstock and have a pistol grip trapper for a very reasonable price.

I wanted to do the same thing you mentioned and then realized I could not hack up a nice original texan and left well be well. The total amount of money I would have in that converted texan I used to buy a real Marauder and haven't regreted it yet. I did have to force myself to be patient though...

Good luck
I see your point. Wouldn't the only extra part that is needed though, be the front sight? I do love the straight stock and smooth forearm of the old Marlin.
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