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--- 1894/44 FAVORITE , -- Your point about African PH's technique is absolutely Correct . They don't wait until the last moments ON PURPOSE , ( so that the target is big enough ! ) .

I was splashing around Concepts here , ( to illustrate the Point ) , and got sloppy in the accuracy department .

Also , thanks for researching the Alaskan incident . -- Actually, my thinking was impacted a lot by that article , although , got to be careful not to attach to one incident . -- But damn , it was sure right-on our subject . --- Makes a good case for the more powerful round .

(Above ) , was the point that a high magazine capacity , lent itself to wasting rounds under stress , i.e. -- " Spray and Pray " Shooting , or " Buck-Fever " type panic-shooting . ---- I'm sure that there's a TENDENCY for this to happen , --- but on the logic , I disagree .

Rather , --- This is where the training and the practicing comes in . --- I believe in the principle of CONSERVING your available rounds , so that if it becomes point-blank time ; you can really blitz them right in there ( Last-Ditch time ) . --- This is antithesis to Spray-and-pray .

In Historical Military strategies , the " Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes " principle , was well known . -- Maybe it applies here , too ??

I believe it was Evan Marshall (?) , ( anyway , some famous LEO and Gun Writer , that had been in many shoot-outs) ; --- that said , :arrow: " In a real Gunfight , -- there is no such thing as too many rounds , without reloading " :!: ----- In this I place my trust .

This type of shooting is not an easy thing , -- It takes courage , coolness under extreme stress , etc . --- It is the stuff that make African PH's and famous Gunfighters , legend .
And it is true that Practice , Practice , Practice , -- helps develop this . ---- ( read Massad Ayoub's book " StressFire ". )

Hope I'm not hammering too mych on the point , -- but I think it's important . -- When you start out with 6 or 7 rounds in a magnum revolver , --- and (e.g.) , you're lucky enough to see the Charge begin , say , 50 yds. out , ( KEEPING IN MIND THAT YOU DON'T HAVE DANGEROUS GAME STOPPING POWER ! ) ; --- you don't waste four or five , -- and then have only one or two , when it's point-blank time ! --- ( To me this is basic to any viable Strategy ) .

Accordingly , I do have great confidence in the technique of unloading rapid-fire into the target at closing ranges . --- I am confident , that no soft-skinned mammal can eat a face full of Magnum Hardcasts .

So that is the concept that I was trying to illustrate .

Probably the all-time best , ( fantasy ) Bear-defense weapon , would be a Sub-Machine Gun with Magnum hardcast rounds .

One other insight that I see in this thread : --- At one point , I thought that the .357 would be O.K. for the smaller Bears of the Lower 48 ( as you said ) .

I read up a little more on Bear Behavior / attacks , --- and I'm beginning to think that ANY Bruin Attack warrants the very best Handgun / Cartridge / Strategy , that you can put togeather .

---- I re-read the accounts where Predatory Attacks from relatively small Black Bear Adults , can be just as lethal , -- just as fast , as from larger / meaner Bears . --- Further , when stoaked with Adrenaline , the smaller ones are still hard to stop . They are extremely dense and strong for their size .

-------- Grist For The Mill , ----- MMCOUGAR .

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I guess with the lack of activity in this department maybe I won't be chastised for resurrecting this old thread. I realize that it may not have been intended to go anywhere but the ideas have some merit so - let's go...again.


You bring up the smaller bears, adrenaline, and stuff..... I think we (most people collectively) tend to view these larger predators unrealistically.

On the one hand it is often assumed that a tremendously powerful gun is need to hunt them - and that's not bad idea if things happen to get salty. On the other hand, most of the hunts for the bad boys are guided anyway so there will be someone to handle the nasty chores.

But then there's the unwanted animal contacts that involve these sometimes muggers. I think it isn't unusual then for many folks to make the assumption about these guys that would be better assumed about hunting them. Except when they are in the offensive/defensive/agitated mode they become a different kind of target. This is where it may be useful to consider how deadly and difficult it might be to deal with even an enraged 100 pound dog. Then multiply this by a factor of several or many times. I wouldn't advocate "spray and pray" but I don't think it would be out of line to assume that there would be an unwanted percentage of "shoot and miss" shots. For that reason I would want every contacting shot to have as much potential as possible. Certainly hard cast bullets would be the way to use the minimal energies of most handguns in the best possible way. I don't think it would be possible to overprepared for such a situation. It might be useful to be able to learn to keep track of shots taken in speed drills during practice. Duress would be a terrible place to run any revolver, even a double action, or any other gun for that matter, dry. An attack would almost certainly be a "no reload) situation.
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