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Saw one at the gunshop today. Kindof got exited because it is exactly what I intend to build out on my 1895. At the time I bought the 1895 marlin didn't offer a pistol grip GG.

Fit and finish were really quit nice. Better than I had expected based on comments about Remils here on the forum. I was really thinking about buying it until I TRIED to cycle the action. Stiff and hard. No way you could cylce it from the shoulder. It really felt like something wasn't even close to right. I told the guy if I bought it I would have to box it up and send it right back to Remlin. He nodded his head and said I wasn't the first guy to say that. I was going to low ball him some since I was going to have to deal with the hassel of sending it back to Remiln. He didn't seem to understand why that bad action was a problem, he had a marling 1895 on the rack beside it and I told him to cycle that action and it was like butter. I then declined to buy it. :)

I toild him when he sent it back to remlin and got it back to give me a call.
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