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My brother just bought an 1100 (I think) from a retired gun fanatic.
It is old and well worn. But he wants to have something for around the house, just in case, type thing.
Just needs to go is a fairly nice piece of walnut, though. The metal leaves a little bit to be desired.

Probably made in the 60s or 70s. We were going to dismantle it and make sure everything checks out.Then run a couple hundred rounds through it.
The guy had lost the little lever you pull the bolt back with, and hasn't found it. So I know we'll have to order one of those.

Is there a set of springs I need to order????
Also, someone had mentioned that this is one that had a "square" spring in it...and it's a pain in the rear.
Is this correct?
Any info. would be helpful. I though that since the 1100 was the most popular autoloader of all time, it would be a good bet since he got it for cheap.

Anybody who could chime in on this..that would be helpful.
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