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How does Reloder 10X compare to H322.
Reason for my asking is I have been curious over H322 in the 25-20. Back reading on the 25-20 reloading thread some guys have had good results with it.

While in the shop over the weekend I tried to get some 4227....none so I quizzed them on H322... none of that either but they had 10X. The charts say the two are the same burn rate so I grabbed one LB.

Load data states starting load of 11.3/ H322 for 86gr bullet @ 1360fps. I loaded some testers with the Lyman 72gr cast gas checked along with some 80gr cast plain base.
First shot I took was the 80gr PB over 11gr 10X made an impressive bang, over-shot the target and left leading in the bore, as a guess it had to be well over 1500fps.
Funny thing is there was less unburned powder in the bore than what I get with either 4227 or 4198.
I stopped with the 80gr bullets right there and gave the gas checked bullet a whirl. They performed quite well considering the barrel was already in a leaded state with a 1.25" 50m group and again with less unburned powder in the bore compared to 4198. No sign of stress on the primer either.

So the big question is how forgiving is 10X as far as both working up with GC or down for PB.
My feeling is I won't get enough powder in the case to get in trouble. How about the other way?
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