I have several items that need to go. These were all part of a garage clean out that my SiL helped with. All items are used but in good condition. All of the bullets are partial boxes and manufacturer is only a guess. They are lister by diameter, weight and style with quantity. Brass is listed as fired, not sure how many times but does not appear to have been abused.

All prices include shipping, will combine items to cut costs if possible. The first to post "I'll take it " followed by a PM gets it. Payment by postal money order or personal check.

#1-RCBS 8mmRemMag 2 die set w/shell holder $20.00

#2- 8mm RemMag brass, 89 pieces $25.00 SPF to Travis 186

#3- one lot of .323-8mm bullets,
125gr-18ea, 170gr-113ea, 175gr-63ea, 150gr-57ea, 220gr-26ea, 225gr-27ea and 170gr-29ea. $45.00

#4- one lot 303Brit bullets, 180gr-30ea and another 180gr-32ea, $20.00 SPF to rob42049

#5- Hornady 2 die set w/shell holder, 222Rem, $20.00 SPF to roscoe547

#6- RCBS 2die set 8mm-06, $20.00

#7-RCBS 2 die set 7x57, no box, $15.00

#8-RCBS 2 die set 308 Norma, no box, $15.00

#9- Lee 4 die set, 41mag, $25.00

#10- RCBS 2 die set, 7.62 Russian, appears to be 7.62x39 w/shell holder. $20.00

#11-RCBS 2 die set 280Imp ,$20.00

#12- RCBS 2 die set, 6.5 Carcano, $20.00

#13- RCBS 2 die set, 303Brit, $20.00 SPF to TRAILS-END

#14- RCBS 2 die set 7.65BM, $20.00

#15- RCBS 3 die set 38/357 steel, $20.00

#16- Misc Lyman 45Colt and 357 dies, $20.00 SPF to roscoe547

#17- 50 pieces 0f 32 S&W Long brass, $15.00.

If you need more pictures just ask.

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