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finally got some time to visit academy in san antonio and purchase a redfield scope.while there i looked through several scopes ,(burris,bsa,leupold etc.)i was amazed with the clarity of this scope,it was just as good as a vx3.i rweally liked the eye relief and it was very easy and quick to aquire .at 12x i could count the shoe laces on the other side of the store :eek:.
much to my suprise i spotted a 308mx and a henry 30-30 on the rack. the mx was a 92xx and in excellent condition .ifi i would have had the money i would have snatched it up.
the henry action was very similar to the marlin.but the magnazine was a removeable tube type instead of a loading gate,sadly i was not allowed to work the action on eigther rifle. both guns were around $550.00. the only dislike i saw with the henry was the magnazine,it looked like a 22 on steroids and kind of took away from the rifle,but im willing to bet that henry action is up to par with all henry actions
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