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redfield 4x12 x40 accuplex ret

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finally got some time to visit academy in san antonio and purchase a redfield scope.while there i looked through several scopes ,(burris,bsa,leupold etc.)i was amazed with the clarity of this scope,it was just as good as a vx3.i rweally liked the eye relief and it was very easy and quick to aquire .at 12x i could count the shoe laces on the other side of the store :eek:.
much to my suprise i spotted a 308mx and a henry 30-30 on the rack. the mx was a 92xx and in excellent condition .ifi i would have had the money i would have snatched it up.
the henry action was very similar to the marlin.but the magnazine was a removeable tube type instead of a loading gate,sadly i was not allowed to work the action on eigther rifle. both guns were around $550.00. the only dislike i saw with the henry was the magnazine,it looked like a 22 on steroids and kind of took away from the rifle,but im willing to bet that henry action is up to par with all henry actions
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Thats the scope I want to put on my 338MXLR. I am also going to putting on the Redfield 3-9x40 on my 30-30 as well. Great optics for the price. When I get back to Corpus in a couple of weeks we need to hook up and do some shooting or Piggy hunt one weekend. Take care & God Bless.
not downing the scopes but did you see the deals Doug has listed in Camera Land's Ind Partners Forum??? Some awesome deals on top notch optics
I put the redfield 2x7 on my 308 and I love it. I bought it on a two month layaway so money was no object, I compared it to some very nice leupolds and bushnells and it was the scope with the fastest target aquisition in my opinion. The image clarity is great too :D I have been eying up that 4x12 too though!
I have looked through a couple of Redfields and they were indeed clear and pretty rugged. I re-discovered Weaver scopes as well and my .35 Rem and .45-70 both wear 1x3-20and my .308 MX wears a 2.5x7-33. All hold their zeros very well, it is good to see two old company's making a come back. Not sure of the histories of each company but I know the Weaver company is in Wisconson and Redfield is in Oregon, but unsure of where the scopes or components are manufactured.
My SIL has one of the Redfield 4x12's but Duplex crosshairs on his .35 Whelen Improved. He shoots the 225 Accubond out of it. He likes a great deal. I got one of the Redfield 2x7's, put it on my very accurate 30.06 to check it out. It dialed right in, very precise, very clear. I may end up putting it on my 308MXLR and putting the Bushnell 3x9 3200 on the '06. I too have a Weaver 1x3 that has held up to .416 Rigby, .458's, 444, and a 12ga H&R Ultra Slug gun. I like the dimensions of the Weaver 2x7x33, but the Refiled was available and the Weaver wasn't at the time, locally.
My benchrest 22 has a weaver 2x7 on it and it is a fantastic scope. It has great clarity and brightness, but I think down the road it might get replaced by a bigger scope. It is pretty much a bench only gun and I would like to put a 12 or 16 power scope on it for 100+ yard shooting. The redfield 4x12 will definitely be on the short list for that application. My redfield 2x7 has sold me on the revolutions
Last I heard, Weaver's and Bushnell's were made in either the Phillippines or China?? I am sure the Redfield's are US made! I have the 4-12X40 AP reticle and love it!! Very clear and stays on target! Consider how important it is to support our own ( if ) it isn't made here... especially with an idiot in charge of the country trying to wreck it!

Sorry for the rant...
I've got the Redfield 3x9 Accuplex on my .338MX and I am very happy with it. Made in the USA (Oregon) and the company is owned by Leupold. Also reasonably priced. Kinda of hard to beat and yeah, I'm one of those guys that try to support American companies. Lord knows, we need to keep jobs here ;).
The new Redfields glass is equivelent to a Leupy VX-1. I've compared them to several other brands and they are pretty decent scopes but there is NO WAY the clarity and brightness is equal to a VX-3
I bought one of these in 4-Plex last week and put it on my 338MX.
My 19 y.o son, who hasn't really seen good glass before thought is was the best scope EVER! Now Dad is 8)
Hope to get it sighted in soon...

My understanding is that Leupy imports all/some of their glass from various places. This is due to supply issues.

I just bought my second Redfield 3-9x40 w/ Accu-plex y'day. It'll go on either my .280 Remington pump or my .30-06 Tikka. The word I heard is that a Leupy tech said the Redfield's are simpler internally than the Leupy's, and are similar to the Leupy's from 30 years ago. The result is that they are very strong internally. The bottom line is that they are made under the Leupold umbrella and carry a lifetime warranty, and seem to be a lot of scope for the price. A Zeiss Conquest they are not, but you're not paying a Zeiss Conquest price, either.

Time will tell. In the meantime, I'm willing to gamble on a few of them.
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