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Recommend a good gunsmith

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Hello guys, I am new here and need advice. I have a 1894 round bbl. 44 mag and would love to have it changed over to a 24"octagon bbl and have the receiver case colored. Thanks for any information on this.
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From personal experience, I would highly recommend Dick Williams Gun Shop located in Saginaw, Michigan ( They do great work, are reasonably priced, and usually there is a quick turnaround. Not sure if they do case-hardening, but do a fantastic job of rebluing. Good luck with your 1894 project!

Also Named Bill
Thank you, I will give them a call.
Try Doug Turnbull Restoration for your CCH work. He and or his staff could set you up with the barrel work too I am sure.

Does anybody have an idea what it might cost to buy and have a 24'' barrel installed?

With the way these 1894cb 24'' are selling for it might be cheaper to just change the barrel out to what length you want.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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