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reassembly problem

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Hello, i also posted this in the gun-smithing section, but, being a 1894css thought that i would post it hear as well.

So i have put almost 2000 rounds through my rifle and decided it was time to give it a real good cleaning. i followed leverdudes post of fully disassembling and reassembling and i ran into a problem. the disassembly was easy enough, and i thought the reassembly went well except now, when i work the lever it does not open the bolt all the way. the bolt opens about 3/4 as far as it is supposed to, or maybe 1/4 of the length of the bolt.

It opens up to the hammer but not enough to push the hammer all the way to the firing position. i thought the hammer might be the problem, but i can hold the hammer down and the bolt/lever will still not open all the way. my next thought was maybe something with the ejector pin, but im not sure how to fix it (i tried straightening it and bending it, still did not work, maybe i need to do it more/better?)

has anyone had this problem or have any ideas. thanks a lot.

-this is my first time fully disassembling this gun, the only other gun i have fully disassembled before was my 10/22.-
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Glad you figured it out. Those two screws are just different enough to jam up the works! :)
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