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Got some unexpected results with this combination today.
It was windy, gusting over 30mph, so accuracy was not determined.
Remington once fired brass, CCI200 primers, water quenched wheel weights at 25 BHN (Lee). 2.465" OAL, .005" off the lands in my 30TK 18.5" barrel.

2.13g (32.9gr) 2100fps avg, 32.8 sd

2.16g (33.3gr) 2161fps avg, 37.4 sd

2.20g (33.9gr) 2176fps avg, 18.2 sd

2.25g (34.7gr) 2140fps avg, 22.0 sd

2.30g (35.5gr) 2182fps avg, 37.0 sd

It seems that with a short barrel this stuff is not so good, my 33gr Varget load gets 2200 fps, my hunting load is 31.6gr Varget and averages 2025 fps accurately.

No pressure signs, I've loaded 25 rounds at 2.20g (33.9gr) for accuracy testing, but unless it is exceptional I am going to give up on this stuff with this bullet. IMR 8208 XBR has shown promise, will be my next detailed test now that the snow is turning to mud.
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