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I had a chance to shoot these cast bullets today
My powder was IMR 3031
I tried a few different charges
28.0 gr.
29.0 grain
I did not have any barrel leading but would like to ask what is the best C.O.A.L.
just touching the lands?
I did have one round a little to long the lead bullet was a little to hard to chamber so I did extract the round from the chamber seem the bullet stayed in the land and the brass came out on it own.
I did have a cleaning rod with me so the cast bullet drop out of the barrel without any problems.
I seem not to have any problems with my C.O.A.L. at
2.524 was the problem
I shoot .005 of the lands with my 38-55
I wonder if .310 is to large no signs of spike pressure :is it o.k. to see a light mark on the lead bullet when chambered?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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