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Howdy all,

I made a quick run out to the range and tested the Marlin 336W rifles. Used 170 grain core-lkt sp .30-30 cartridges. I shot just 10 rounds each through the '91' & 'MR' series rifles. So, quite early to make any definitive conclusions, but enough for a preliminary comparison.

Both rifles shot very well & no problems with working the lever actions. The sights on both are lined up fine. Interestingly enough, my accuracy with the 'Remlin' was a bit better. The lever action was smoother on the '91' series rifle - I guess it's just been used more. I'm sure the 'Remlin' will smooth out before too long.

Lever action is nice! I intend these Marlin 336 rifles to be for hunting & home defense. I can imagine the Marlin 336 .30-30 being VERY formidable for defense. It's more than adequate for any large game I'd want to hunt,too.
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