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Don't know if this is the right place for I guess you can move it.
Took the western auto out and my 35 rem way out back. Setup my target 100 yds. Already fired other ammo a few weeks back. Now it was time for the
LE ammo. Fired the WA first .the shot was 12 o'clock high in the o ring.counted the inches and turned her down .shot #2 was 1/4" high in the 10 ring.
I set the 30/30 down and picked up the 35.
First shot was the 9 ring 1 o'clock high. I made the changes and fired again and it jumped to the left in the same place 9 ring @ 11 o'clock high
So I made half the adjustment and fired again
It came down a little but didn't really come over
So I fired two more with no change and really clamped down boom 10 ring.
I put the lever guns back in the cases and took them home .then grabbed two more and went back out. That's when my day went south. Took the first one that I bore sited and never hit the target. Walked up closer .and again never hit the target
I don't want to boar any one but I could go on and on. This gun is one I picked up about a yr ago single shot CVA scout 243 in ss. With a weaver 3/9 40 mm. Mil dot scope .it should be a shooter. I chased the shot string for over and hr. And came to the conclusion the scope is NG.
Any how l fell in love with my lever guns they really like the LE ammo. And I can't wait for the Northern season to open .so i can take them for a good long walk.
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