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I had a fun afternoon at the range.
Took my Winchester M70 in .225 Win (newly mounted Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12X40) and my Marlin 336C in 30-30.
Took me 5 shots to get the .225 dialed in to 1" high @ 100yds.
My 1st 3 shots with the 336 measeured less than 1.5" @ 100yds, open sights. There were 2 touching, stacked on top of each other and another about an inch directly above that. Group was bout 8" low though because last Fall I had a scope on it and the rear leaf sight was almost all the way down.
I shot the rest of a box of Winchester 150gr Power Points and then switched over to some Rem 150gr Core Lokts. Got a 2.5=3" group at 100 that was close to the center of the target and then for kicks and giggles went over to the 200 yard lane.
Group was about 7" and just to the left of my 100 yd group. Dead Deer for sure!!
The .225 went into a 2-shot 2" group @ 200 and a 2-shot 3" group @ 300.
I just had to try the 30 @ 300 yards! The front bead all but covered the entire target which was 16" wide by 20" high. I tried to just see a little of the white on the target and squeezed off 3 rounds.
NOTHING on paper. I came home and read the ballistics chart for 150gr 30-30 and saw that if it's on 1.5" or so high @ 100 it will be around 23" or so low at 300, give or take. I'm going to hit it at 300 yds befor ethe week is out.
Had a good time and know that with some more practice any deer within 100-175 yds or so is certainly table fare.
What's the farthest you've killed paper with your 30-30?
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