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Ranch Dog .460 350 and .432 265

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I have been running the idea of casting around in my head since getting my 1895 LTDIII in 45-70, and now I have started a new 444 project that I would like to use cast in. I know there are lots of Benefits to casting my own, but in my mind it comes down to another hobby that will take me away from my many other hobbies.. So, if you are anything like me and don't want to put out the money and time to get set up to cast and would like to shoot some Ranch Dog bullets I found an option on Ranch Dogs site.

There is a link to Carolina Cast Bullets, the owner Jerry casts the RD .432, 265 gr with a gas check (among other bullets). I have talked to Jerry several times and asked if he had considered casting the Ranch Dog .460 350 gr. and after a few conversations I had an order to him and he was set up to make 500 for me. I received the .460 bullets today, and they are nicely cast complete with gas checks, lee Alox lube and packaged in bags of 50, although the bags don't seem to hold up to the rigors of shipping the boxes do. I measured 5 of each type bullet with my mic and the .432's are all very close to that measurement. The .460's are ranging from .4590- .4598 (eyeball estimate, my analog mic only goes to 1/1000). For the price these bullets are a steal, and If you are like me and your garage is already filled with other hobbies and projects, and you want a reasonably priced bullet to load your big bore with these look great. I'll try to get some loads put together in the next few weeks to do a report on. I am Impressed already with how the bullets look outwardly and especially with Jerry and his willingness to tool up for one order and his excellent customer service.

Here is what they look like. The .432 265 gr. on the left the .460 350 gr on the right;

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Hi Picketpin,
Thanks for the info, I actually cast Ranchdog's 350gr and 425gr bullets and they drop really well from the mold. I decided to weigh 300 bullets (150 of each) and they all weighed very close to what they are supposed to be. The 350's are consistant 349.8grs to 350.1grs. I found this to be exceptional consistancy, and the 425grs were 424.4 to 425.3. This was NOT with wheel weights but it is commercial bullet lead (16 Brinnel) and when oven heated and water quenched they came out at 28 Brinnel).
I decided to try this formulated lead just to see if it is better than wheel weights. I must say it is sooooooo much cleaner and easier to use but I, myself could not justify the excessive cost for the virgin alloy over wheel weights (24-26 Brinell). Sure it comes out a little harder but not that much to continue using the virgin alloy to replace the wheel weight, which I have plenty. The weights of WW were so close that there really is no differnce there.
So you can be confident that the Ranchdogs will be fine.
For your info.
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I've obtained up to BHN 33 with oven heated and quenched wheelweights, so there is nothing magical about their hardness in the "virgin" alloy. Ordinary wheelweights can exceed those numbers.
Thats true...but wheel weights are getting scarce (really scarce)

I got 30 BHN with Rotometals Hardball alloy (very similar to Lyman #2) just by water quenching them in very cold water...I'm not a high volume cast shooter, but I actually like the Rotometals alloy better than the WW's...its still way cheaper than buying bullets.
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