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I have seen this product in use and on the market (it's not new). If you have a wound so severe that it won't stop bleeding with the basics 1) thick dressing2) manual pressure 3) elevate the limb and 4) apply a tourniquet (Life over limb). If you have an abdominal wound apply a thick dressing kept damp with clean water. Always treat for shock by elevating the legs to a level higher than the heart. There is nothing short of a surgeon dealing with the problem. Give fluids as tolerated (NO ALCOHOL OR CAFFEINE). Arrange for ALS transportation as soon as possible. This product is fine to add as part of a wound packing with a dressing. It will not replace proper treatment of a severe open wound. (I know I have posted this before. Not meant to put down the product.) I have this in my field first aide kit.

W.E.C, R.N.
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