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I used see thrus for a long time. Been in situations where I had to take a shot that was around 50 feet and used the irons and on the same hunting trip I had to use the scope at a buck that was 150 yds. I have never had a problem with 1 shot one kill in my entire time I used see thrus. My eyesight well I cannot see a target that is over 25 yds in the clear with iron sights so that is why I use the scope. Now since I do a lot of hunting in east Texas I retired my see thrus for quick disconnects because I either in heavy brush or along a game trail in a stand. So to all y'all that want to bad month us guys that has see thrus then go right a head. Because when I hunt what ever rounds I shoot is what is going in the freezer. And I aint bragging but I never miss what I aim at no matter thru the see thrus or scope. 1 shot 1 kill is something I done since my dad taught me to shoot.
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