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Howdy Rifleman:

I bought a new M60SS this past August and in the owner's manual it stated not to shoot hyper velocity ammunition in this firearm. I assume that's because of the aluminum receiver.

I have a M995SS that I believe has an aluminum receiver as well, yet, there is no precautionary statements on the use of hyper velocity ammo in the owner's manual. I've used about every round made and have fired quite a few bricks of Stingers through it over the years. There seems to be no problems with this firearm. I've kinda designated this rifle as the one I use VelocitoRs in.

Do you think that this will damage this rifle with constant use of VelocitoRs? Just curious if anyone has had any experiences with or knowledge of this type of problem?

Thanks for any information on this and rest assurred it will be greatly appreciated.

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