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Question about a BLO finish

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I'm refinishing a Marlin 1994 that needed some reshaping to get a better fit to the receiver. That part of the project went well but my second coat of BLO has been wet for two days now. I applied a light hand rubbed layer on Sunday night and checked it tonight after work and it's not even tacky yet. This is my first attempt at a BLO finish so what am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Scott
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Are you thinning the blo with Min. Turps.?
Nope, just applying it straight, should I cut it with mineral spirits? And what would you do with the wet stock now.


I'd clean it with mineral turpentine. Are you applying it to bare wood?
Yes it should be mixed 50/50 with turps and applied to bare timber.

You say you reshaped the stock to fit better, did you use a stripper to take all the old finish off?

If not the BLO will not soak through the old finish.
Yes, I used a stripper, reshaped the wood and sanded to remove tool marks and finished with a coat of walnut stain. I removed the the tacky finish with MS last night and I'm going to start again this weekend. I will not be using BOL. ???

Thanks, Scott
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