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Purchasing a rifle at a CMP outlet

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I am planning to stop at the Camp Perry store to purchase a rifle and some M2 ammo. Not being an Ohio resident, could I take the rifle home or do I have to have it sent to an FFL in my home state?

Thanks for any input.

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I'm not sure where your home state is but just like most gun shops if the paperwork is clear I think you should walk out the door with it.I can't wait till I get mine...
Thanks much.

Anyone else with any other input?

I think most states require you to be a legal resident (even for long guns) - I use to live in one of the most liberal as far as gun laws go (AZ), and they certainly did! It is certainly legal for dealers to ship to a FFL near your home residence for the local transfer & NICS check.
You can buy a long gun from a neihboring state. CMP will do a NICS check but make sure that you meet the eligiblity requirements first and bring your needed documents. You can also have CMP ship the gun to your doorstep. Its also easier if you are a repeat customer as the documentation is already on file. I ordered a CMP M1 Carbine last year from Afghanistan and had it waiting on me at home when I went back on leave. Good luck picking out a good one. :D

If you have all your paperwork, proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of firearms training (or DD214 or are 60 years old) and have a current membership in an affiliated club/state org/Garand owners etc you can take it home from the North Store once they process the NICS in your favor. The only hangup is you'll pay Ohio sales tax if you pick it up there. OR you can have it shipped at the posted cost.
God to go.


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