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Puma Winchester M92...454 Casull

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Cruising by a few gun shops on Friday I happened apon a brand new, in the box Puma (Rossi) Winchester M92 in 454 Casull. The price was right, but I needed another rifle like I needed a hole in the head! I own a Freedom Arms Model 83 in 454 Casull and I love shooting and reloading for that cartridge. But, I walked............

Saturday morning I woke up early and decided I wasn't earning Jack Sheet on my meager investments, so I might as well invest in another rifle..........Back to the gun shop with money in hand and I now own a very nice Winchester M92.......

First thing I did waws replace the sights. The front got a Williams Fire Sight.

The El' Cheepo rear sight was replaced with a Marlin sight from a 1895G to which I added two white dots.

I went to the range with so 45 Long Colt and a few "hot" 454 rounds. The rifle is a puppy dog with even heavy loads in 45LC, but the 454 rounds get your attention. Thank God for a nice factory recoil pad.

With both loads, the rifle was well under 2" at 50 yards, cycled great and is simply a pleasure to shot. Extremely smooth action and the trigger is satisfactory.

I'm glad I came to my senses and made this purchase!
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Heard some good things about this rifle. Writeup on said it has held up well under a stress test of full power 454 Casull loads.

Congrats on the buy.
So get this. My rifles is serial number MA5802 and I just saw at Kittery Tradiong Post up in Maine they have the exact same rifle with serial number MA5803!
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