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So they have a plan to prevent suicides. According to a very fine course I once attended on suicides, you cannot (usually) prevent an intended suicide. The person will begin to get his affairs in order, dispose of property, usually by giving it to friends and relatives, and then will pick a time and place where they will not be interupted. What they need to do is to instruct the officers and senior NCOs in what to look for and then what corrective actions to take. The "accidental suicides" where a person takes too many sleeping pills in order to get to sleep and the attention getter suicides where a person does something like slitting their wrist, intending to make people think they intend to kill themselves and do too good a job of it can frequently be detected in advance by such things as the person talking about suicide and about killing themselves can also be treated by observing symptoms. The intentional suicide person will rarely, if ever, mention that they plan to do it. They will frequently appear cheerful and happy "just before". Train the NCOs and company grade officers what to look for and what to do about it.
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