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"From rural ranch gun to a modern urban rifle."

Starting from a simple life of Marlin 1894 CST in .357 mag, i have upgraded the rifle to a cooler and more practical/reliable rifle for target practice and home protection.

Project detail:
Original hand guard was swap out with Midwest engineering tactical handguard. Bradley's adjustable cheekpiece, HopticUSA ammo sleeve were added..
For internal, trigger is upgraded with WWG trigger kit. Magazine follower and loading gate are swap out with parts from Range Point Precision.
XS engineering lever sight rail and Riton X3 red dot sight are added to improve target acquisition. A custom made paracord 2-point sling from SLA will be attached to the rifle. And for a final touch, I paracord wrapped the lever myself.
Rifle is now different from an old -west lever-action rifle, but more of a modern lever action rifle. Love the rifle. 馃槑

My project was inspired by Ridgerunner84's Marlin 1894 CST project and Marlin Custom Shop's 1895 Modern Hunter

1 - 8 of 8 Posts