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I have been ON MarlinOwners for some time now. I've BEEN a Marlin Owner before (12+ years ago).

I have now come back to the tribe...:biggrin:

Bought a Model 60 this afternoon. Test fired it within 40 minutes. Ran about 30 rounds, slow and rapid fire. Raised the rear sight one notch and was popping 12ga hulls at 25yds from the bench.

Sling swivels are already mounted. Made some DIY speed-loaders. Will likely get either Tech-sights or a scope+better open sights (Firesights or such).

It's competition was a Ruger 10/22 as you may know from my previous post. Decided against it. I'm not looking to spend $250 on a rifle and then put $400 worth of stuff on it.

But I checked out a 795 on a MO member's recommendation, and I may get one of them, too! $149 at the local Dick's SG store. Mags are $14 at the LGS.

VIVA MARLIN!!!!!!!!!! :bandit:

LOL I swore I read this before!!

Hello brother!

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