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Wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their .22LR XT:

There is a dovetail milled on the bottom of the barrel in which a "takedown
screw stud" slides into. The front action screw is screwed into the stud. The
milled portion should be even or parallel with the pin/pinholes which holds
the barrel in the receiver.

Unfortunately, the dovetail was milled off-radius in relation to the pin. This
causes the stock to be pulled to one side and the action screw to actually
dent one side of the hole on the wood stock. Even with the rear action screw
tightened first, when the front screw is tightened (with very little torque)
the stock is pulled to the barrel as well as the mag well hitting hard within
the stock. With the bare barrel & action upside down, one can see that the
screw stud sits at an angle to the mag well and trigger assembly.

The only true and correct fix I can see with this is barrel replacement.

Has this happened to anyone else? How is Marlin CS on dealing and
willingly correcting something like this?
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