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Price of 218 Bee and 32-20?

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Well it's time to thin the herd a bit. About 20 years ago I picked up an 1894CL in 32-20, and shortly after that another in 218 Bee. Over the course of time I have never fired either of them, and figure it's time to reallocate resources to something I'd use, since my 79 vintage 94C does all the small cartridge work anyway. What are these things going for? Not sure if I have the boxes around anymore or not. While I've never fired either of them, they were both bought as used, so may have been shot. Condition is essentially 99%, perhaps some safe queen marks from storage on wood. There is a local show coming up I would be putting them in, and no, I don't own a camera so I can't post any eye candy for y'all. So maybe you folks can give me a general idea of where to price them.
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dt, i just give $750 fer a 218 thet i found whilst lookin' fer a 32-20. still want a 32-20, but i'd need t' part with th' 218, which i now have dug up a set o' dies, a lee loader, a cleanin' thingy and 3 boxes o' facktry ammo fer--so now i'm in about a grand. fun t' shoot, tho, and now i've got some reloads to play with, once th' weather lets up. thar's some awful bold 'yotes hyarabouts thet're gonna be a lot less bold, shortly, and ef i kin make it shoot solids well so's they don't blow up, mebbe some rabbits in th' pot as well. 1894CL's 're purty tough t' come by 'round these parts--i'm talkin' th' soggy side o' washington, now--so don't give 'em away (unless ye think so much uv my advice thet ye feel compelled t' give me thet 32-20 jist fer offerin' it)!
mind yer topknot!
An old buddy some 30+ years ago used to use a Winchester Model 43 in the Bee as his only varmint rig. For squirrel and rabbit he used Lyman 225438 and a modest dose of Unique to about duplicate the old .22 WRF. Having ate many of his stews made from said critters it worked really well. Might try that in your Bee. I know it used to work really well in my old Winney triple duece too. Thanks for the input on pricing. There are two local shows coming up over the next month, if I don't sell them there I may have to do the internet thing, hate to, but if it comes to it I will.
Of course swapping for model 36's and early 336A's in 35 and 32 might be possible too. Who knows?
I want some gun pron, post some pitures and I may just make you an offer. :)
Doubletap does not have the required mumner of post to try and sell on this site. If it looks like anything other then some advice on price the thread will be deleted. Sorry guys.
Nope, not trying to sell either of these on the site, just looking for info on what reasonable pricing should be, and thinking out loud about what I could use. I'm not much for internet gun sales, been stung once on a vintage Smith and Wesson, and don't feel like getting bit again, so I confine myself to local sales face to face. I'd post a pic _IF_ I had one of those fancy digital camera things and _IF_ I knew how to use one. That's all voodoo to me anyway, and doubt I'd be able to figure it out if I did have the stuff. What do you expect from a guy that's built muzzleloaders for 35 years anyway? Anyway, I certainly do appreciate the info, I'd of figured getting 4 bills apiece would have been plenty good, guess they run a smidge higher than that, eh?
Price is partially decided by your location, however, $700+ does not seem out of reach for two scarce calibers in the condition you indicated. I recently got a 32-20 CL in a trade that I valued at $700. It is working it's magic on me and may soon become my favorite gun. Best of luck what ever you decide. Shenandoah
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