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price for 336cs

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A local pawn shop has a 336cs for $250. If it's in good shape, is this a fair price? Also is the cs a good model? Your input is appreciated.
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Short answer YES
Read here for info on buying A used Marlin.,52558.0.html

Welcome to M.O. 8)
Stop typing and go buy that gun! You'll never see that price on a decent gun again. HURRY! :eek:
Buy it and then post pictures after you get it home. OBTW, welcome to MO from central Florida!
Well it wasn't a CS but a AS. The forearm is a little loose and it hasn't a walnut stock the scope mount is attached and it has a JM stamp on the barrel. The ser. # is 14069126 this may tell you guys something who are more informed than me. Short story shorty, I bought it, $250 out the door. Pick it up tommorow. Thanks for your input, I hope it being an AS model doesn't mean I paid to much.
Hard to get hurt at $250. We will need pics to confirm. ;D
Nice purchase. I picked up a 30as couple weeks ago out the door for 125. I am sure yours is in a lot better shape than mine and the store owner thought the gun needed to go to a smith because the loading gate was loose causing the lever not to close. Mine is a 1985 and yours from the serial number sounds like it was made in 86. Congrats on the purchase cant wait to see pics.

As far as paying too much obviously you didnt otherwise you never would have bought it. You did good on this one. Other places in our fine country could see 400 plus for the same gun.
I live in Montana, and you would think the 30-30 and 35 Rem would be cheap out here in the land of the 270/ 300 mag. Gotta tell ya it ain't so. A Marlin/ Glenfield in the shape you described is 325-350. I been lookin at a Glenfield 30 that is in poor shape and they will come down to 275. Ya done just fine. DP
Gaterskiner said:
Hard to get hurt at $250. We will need pics to confirm. ;D
Folks can't get my dail-up internet to post a picture on this site. It will email,but not on here. Picked up the 336as today, it fires and functions ok. Outside in better light it is in much better condition than I thought. I'll fire for accuracy when the weather fairs up. Thanks for all of your input, gun folks are the best!
Bill [nailbanger]
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