This is a "New Baker" 10 Gauge Hammer Shotgun. It is a B Grade Manufactured in about 1894.
Has 30 inch Damascus Full Choke Barrels.
Chambers and bores are immaculate, with no rust or pitting at all.
Exterior Metal and Wood are in excellent condition given its age. I would give it a 70-80% rating. Bluing and Damascus pattern are great, as is color case on the receiver.
Facing is perfect with tight crisp lockup.
With 19 grains of red dot, and 1 1/4 oz #7 1/2 or 8 shot it patterns very well out past 40-50 yds.
You can handload for it, or purchase RST or Buffalo Bore Shells which are tailored for use in older Damascus guns.
Asking $800 now
First I'll take it followed by P.M wins.
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