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Pre-83 Hammer Extension?

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I recently aquired a '57 336a in 35 rem and I set it up with a leupold M8 fixed 4x. I used a nice set of bausch and lomb 2 piece rings that I got off of ebay but one of the last things I need to do is add a hammer extension to it. I am having a hard time finding a store with the pre '83 hammer exrensions in stock. Anyone know why or does anyone have one they want to part with? I also need to remove the old sling loop from the front stud and then drill it out so I can add a detachable sling in the future. Then it will be ready to go. Thanks for any help.
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Had the same problem as Halwg with my 51A in 35 rem.. Swany told me that the early 336's that weren"t D&T'd had different hammer angles and no grooves milled in bottom of hammer. I purchased an extension from Numrich and it didn't work because it was so thick the bolt hit it when you tried to lever in a round. Good luck on the search.
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