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So after another discussion today I decided to post this as a practical bit of knowledge for all of you who have posted, thought of posting, or ever heard "what scope should I..."

Many like me, came from a non-hunting background. At some point we learned to enjoy the outdoors, the challenge of shooting, whatever. All we read in the wretched rags these days, is about some new "magic" BDC, or some crappy miss-matched scope.
Like many I have bought a few "mil-dot" scopes, which were SFP, AND had MOA adjustments(boo). I too googled to try and learn what the deuce was going on. I got results about conversions and math, got upset and defaulted to standard reticle scopes.

About the time I got to a point in my life where I began to hate the notion of paying $1000 for just a rifle to be very accurate at 1,000 yards, I began to really search for answers to optics. Here is my view, do with it what you will.

I HATE SFP scopes, the cross-hairs always stay the same, for (in my view) a precious few applications that is important, for most it's backwards. If your frame of reference is constantly changing, you loose the ability to gauge distances. FFP cross hairs change size, which means relative to the target it stays the same. Now we need to match the adjustments with the reticle. So for my preference, that means FFP, Mil/mil.

So how big is a mill?! It doesn't matter. Look at the target and the reticle. At ANY magnification, the distance between the dots is one mil. So adjust how far "off" you are. But for the numbers: .1 mil = .34 MOA= .36" @ 100 yards. So if you want to know how much adjustment you need/have, MOA/3.44= mils. For those who follow any of my posts on any forum, you know I regularly shoot to 1 mile in several guns. No I don't have $$$ rifles, my most expensive is $475. My most expensive scope is $645.

What about adjustment? Ask yourself this, how many of you have $800+ scopes and need a rail/rings to be able to make 1k+ yards? Kind of upsets you doesn't it? Look for scopes that have adjustment and matching turrets and reticle. One of this sites fine sponsors, Primary Arms builds such a scope. I plan on using it to 1680 this weekend and reporting on it.

Whatever you choose, don't fear online nonsense, and change.
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