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Side story:
Purchased the highest end residential Gas washer that I could find 3+ years ago just short of commercial grade.. Been around washers for years including a towed trailer model pushing 24,000 psi with a huge diesel. (tragically) A contractor working after hours, alone, fell and raked the full pressure crossed his thigh. The project manager heard the washer running after hours and he went out to the dry dock to investigate. Acted instantly to slow the bleeding, the guy's upper leg was splayed wide open. Had a cell phone and 911 arrived. The worker survived but, he or his boss made a bad decision working alone. All in all, a happy ending.

My humble 6 hp Powerhorse washer does all I need. I've got a 150 feet of sidewalk, a two car driveway, and a 60' X 100' pool deck The engine, a Honda Chinese clone was CARB certified and was hard to start. Went on line and learned the CARB jet was a few thousandths of an inch leaner that what the go cart guys are using. Borrowed an .031" drill bit from work and opened it up. Starts up literally first pull every time! Engine runs cooler as well.

I baby the thing, yet at 40 or so hours I hear 'PING' and the flow reduces. Opened up the pump and a piston (1 of 3) separated from its return spring and the spring retainer lying in the oil of the housing (lucky the decent sized parts didn't lock up everything and the engine). The Chinese failed to deburr the groove that the retainer went into and it was eaten away by the sharp edge of the groove. (good (stolen) engineering, sloppy execution. Otherwise I was very impressed with the pump's design and construction. Even the piston body was a brass forging.

Northern tool only offered soft parts that ACE hardware has. A new pump would be over $200. Went on an internet site and found a pump company in Canada. that had a used piston. Cost me $30 and I'll buy a new pump from them if this one wears out. Part went in and the machine runs like brand new! The same pump on line is about $60 cheaper should I need another.

Don't be afraid to dive in on these kinds of projects if you are handy, I was daunted at first, but I'm pretty good with mechanisms.

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