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I am trying to drum up some additional support for PMSteve's wife Ula and her fight against liver disease.

My intent is to put this up on several different pages so it gets optimum exposure. If this is a problem, please do let me know.

There is an ongoing auction which includes several guns, ammo and accessories.

Below is a plan to enable us here at MO to help out a brother without hurting our individual pockets too much. I will thank all in advance for consideration for the propsed deal.

MO member dag and I are each willing to put up $100.00 and would ask 18 additional members to do the same. This would bring the winning bid on the auction to $2,000.00 which would be donated to Ula's fund. I am willing to front the 2K in a one time donation if I can get commitments from 18 others. Just send me a check for $100.00 and I will provide proof that I indeed made a donation on our behalf to Ula's fund.

Now, once the auction is over, and we have all the rifles offered and the accessories as well, our intent would be to raffle off each respective rifle and its associated ammo and accessories. So three separate raffles. To date there is a Savage combo gun in 22Mag over 20 gauge, A JM marlin in .35 Rem and a 1956 Mountie!

Each of the individuals that commit to putting up $100.00 would be re-imbursed after conclusion of the 3 raffles and anything over the original $2,000.00 amount would also be donated to Ula's fund.

My guess would be 50 tickets for each auction @ $20 per ticket. After re-imbursement that would leave another $1,000 to donate.

I still have a couple of small details to work out, but I am convinced it is something definitely doable.

This has got to happen pretty quickly as the auction ends Friday night at midnight.

Any of you willing to put $100.00 up front can simply contact me via PM. If I can get 20 total to do this, I will make the bid late Friday evening.

We can then solidify the loose ends and move forward with the raffles.

Thanks for your consideration guys and looking forward to hearing from many of you.


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PM sent
Put me down for $100 just let me know where to send it. If the idea somehow does not work out just give PMSteve the money.
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