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Please help with a pair of 1893's.

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Hey guys and gals, first post since discovering this nice forum. I've just begun and endeavor to clean up my dad's two Marlin 1893s. What I know is that they were both given to him by a collector who was a friend of the family. Both look great, to me, with good bores. 20" round barrels. One is in 38-55, seral number 1627xx. The other is in labeled 32 HPS (which I understand is the same as 32 Winchester Special), and has a four digit serial number under the lever, but I'm not sure that that is all of it. Any idea about more information on these? Date of manufacture, etc? I'm going to write the place on the Marlin Website, but I'd like to hear what any of you guys might know about these rifles. Both look to be near pristine.

Here is the pair together.

The following are the 38-55. 20" round barrel - smokeless steel.
Serial number in front of lever, also same number under wood on grip.


Top of receiver

Barrel Markings

Buttplate (plain steel)

32 Winchester Special (20" round barrel)

Serial number under lever listed as 32xx. Could not find a prefix/suffix.

Serial on stock

Serial on tang

Bottom receiver

Bullseye on stock, not on other rifle

Tang - Model 93

Barrel Markings

So, two beautiful rifles (I think), what information can you help me with? Thanks guys!
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The .38-55 should have been made about 1898. The .32HPS may date to about 1922 or 1923. Parley is the resident expert on s/n dates after 1906 (when Marlin stopped keeping s/n records), and he may chime in with some information.
Unfortunately both carbines have been re-blued, which will knock the heck out of "collector" value. Also both wear the wrong rear sight. And I'd bet that the wood has been refinished too. I can't tell from the pics if the .38-55 is missing the saddle ring stud, or if it is an "eastern" carbine (without the saddle ring). The .32HPS is definitely a SRC, but the ring itself is missing.

Be that as it may, they are still cool old carbines from a hundred or so years ago.

Marlin offered different sights and those could well be factory.
I would say the Model 93 carbine was most likely made in the 1923-1924 era. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to get rid of the last digits of the serial numbers.
Hey there Parley Baer -- Those serial numbers may just be "photo shopped", the equivalent of replacing the last two numbers with "xx". Here is an example of one I did on an 1895 tang picture... Hope this is true and that it helps. Best regards. Wind
Hey Wind I think you are correct.

Barndg00 I would be interested in adding your Model 93 to our data base. Need the full serial number though. If you want you can email me the serial number. Thanks, Parley
Yes marlin did offer many different sight options.
However the sight on the .32HPS is a Marbles No. 69 flattop. I believe that Marlin had stopped production of Model 93's by the time this sight was brought out by Marbles.
The sight on the .38-55 I cannot identify. However it is stamped with what appears to be the number "300" on the front leaf. Again, not a sight offered by Marlin. The correct folding sight for that period Marlin is a Lyman #6.

I had thought both recievers looked too good to have not been reblued at some point. Not sure about the stocks being refinished, willhave to take a closer look. Yes, I covered the last digits using MS Paint. I'll be happy to email for the database. What sights would be considered correct for each? I believe the saddle ring was broken off the .38-55. Assuming the wood is not refinished, what would be best to take care of it without doing any harm?
Wishbone, thanks for the info on the sights.
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