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Spotted a box of Remington standard velocity 22 "Target"ammo on my dealers shelf this morning and decided to shoot a couple old Marlin pumps that have been hanging on the wall to long.The 20 and 29 both sport old Marlin No.Two scopes and the 37 wears a Japan reproduction 4X15 but with Marlin No.Two ring mounts.
All of these old pumps have pitted barrels,the 20 being the worst and the 37 the best.I'll try to rate the barrels as.
The 20 by far had the best triger and worst scope(the crosshair have been replaced and are much heavier than original)
The 29 has a real nasty trigger that probably accounts for the spread as the bore in considerablly better looking than the 20
Though certainly nothing to brag about,the 37's bore,few pitts and all still might put a little meat in the pot.

I just wanted to demonstrate what pitting does to a barrel and have a little fun with some old timers


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To make it a fair test since we all know all 22's may prefer one or more brand of ammo over others, I would try some other ammo too and see what they do they may surprise you. I have shot some milsurp rifles that had pitted and frosted bores and yet they shot very well with the right ammo that the guns liked.
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