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Pictures of my favourite Marlin 30-30: the Royal Canadian

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Hi everyone,

We finally had a sunny weekend, so I figured it was time to get some pictures of my favourite 30-30: a 1963 Marlin 336RC "Royal Canadian". The "Royal Canadian" series of rifles were an attempt by Marlin to gain Canadian market share by profiting on our nationalism. Model 336 Royal Canadians came standard with sling swivels, a pistol grip cap, and a special barrel engraving. I don't believe too many 336's were made -- mine is the only one I've come across although I've seen a number of rimfire Royal Canadians (primarily Model 57's).

My example has "honest wear" from being hunted. The blueing is very good on the receiver and mag tube, but is thinning on the barrel. I love older Marlins that show wear from being carried --- they were made to be hunted with and I feel a lot less guilty adding my own character to these rifles. I'm also very fond of the forearm cap and carbine front sight arrangement. The scope is a 90's vintage Weaver 1-3x, but I've got a newly-acquired 60's vintage Weaver K2.5 with post/crosshair that I'm going to mount for a more classic look.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


I've got more in this album:

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Oh! That is awesome! A keeper for sure! I've never heard of a Royal Canadian, but the proof in in the pics! Nice!
That is a very nice rifle! Thanks for sharing.
That there is a collectors item for sure. Especially since it has your hunting history behind it. Thank you for sharing the pics!
I had never heard of the Royal Canadian before, but that one is sure very nice indeed. You have a definite collector's item there. I'm sure she will give you great pleasure for a lot of years and will make much meat for you I'm sure. I definitely enjoyed the pictures you posted. She's a honey.
Have never heard of this either, but that is one damn nice rifle.
I heard of it and thanks for the picture show. Nice looking Marlin for sure.

Very nice!
That's the first one of those I've seen also. I like it! :)
Nice rifle indeed definitely a collector and now I want one!!!!
Very nice pictures of a beautiful rifle. Thank you for sharing. I am sure that there will be members who will be looking high and low for a Royal Canadian to add to their collections.
Fine lookin Marlin (and very good pictures!). Congratulations and enjoy it for many years.
Silverbow, thanks for the nice pictures of your Royal Canadian. Nice looking Marlin and definitely a Blue Collar gun if ever there was one. Take care and send us a range report when you can, John.
A fine looking rifle and like most of the others, I have never heard of the Royal Canadian line of rifles so I did a little research.

per Brophy's ... In 1961, Marlin started a program to expand the Canadian market. Nine models were selected for this program and the difference between Marlin's standard line and this Royal Canadian line was the Canadian models had the extra features of high-grade wood, swivels and slings, and the model 336 would have dovetail front sights rather than the ramp type. Some models had Monte Carlo stocks.

The nine models included the 336C 30-30, 336C .35 Rem, 336T .30-35, 989, 980, 99C, 57M, 57, 56, and the 55. The program didn't go well as the Canadian gov't would not issue Marlin a trademark for the Royal Canadian name. Only 271 rifles were ever made in the 30-30 and 270 in the .35 Rem so you certainly have a rare bird there.

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bjm, thanks for the research. I didn't bother to look this up in Brophy's book yet, saved me the time but I was interested. I've got a 99C, gotta go look to see if it is stamped that way, doubt it. ;D
bigjeepman said:
Only 271 rifles were ever made in the 30-30 and 270 in the .35 Rem so you certainly have a rare bird there.

Wow! that does make them a rare collectors item. Hang on to that one! ;D

What a terrific rifle! I've never seen one before. It looks great, and I'll bet it's a shooter too.

Thanks for sharing the photos.
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