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Pics of 1895 pre safety

2375 Views 11 Replies 11 Participants Last post by  six_gunz fellas talked me into it. Really didn't need it but I figured it might be the last one I'd ever get a chance of buying.

I'd say it is about 99%-98% just a few minor common marks. I've seen new in box firearms with more. Its a nice, honest ol' gun.

Tapered 22 inch barrel. Its a little dry, needs cleaned and oiled.

Thanks for your guidance. I'll just lay'er back and keep her clean and when I wear out my 1895 GS I'll have another.

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Very nice!
Very nice, thank you for sharing the pics!
You got a great deal on a great rifle. :)
That`s nice, grats. 8)
And you needed to be talked into buying that???

Yeah Picketpin there was a few fellas who had my arm really twisted way up my back. Now that I got 'er home and cleaned up I'm a ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D. Its been along time since I found a rifle where I could drop down into the sights so well. It's like Marlin custom made it to fit me. I think I'll run out in the desert next week and try it out.

Thanks for all your comments and responses.

I like the looks of that one. Very nice. Congrats.
WOW! Man, if you ever want to sell that let me know- that is BEAUTIFUL! The only lever actions I ever see in gun stores and pawn shops are JUNK. You did well.
Very nice looking rifle! ;D
Awesome! A real beaut for sure!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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