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And I love it. It has quickly(1 range trip) become my favorite gun in my collection just for the sheer fun factor. I pushed 1k rounds thru the 795 without a single malfunction of any kind. My 795 really eats anything. Even remington golden poo's. my buddies 10/22 was jamming every couple of rounds with these but the 795 just kept lettin the lead out. Accuracy with the tech sights was superb. Best group I had was a standing group at 25 yards. It measured just under 1.3". Oh and did I mention it was 20 rounds fast fire? I've never done that with a .22 before so that felt AWSOME. It had a flier here and there of course which expanded the group to about 2.1". I don't have pix of the target, or the gun because I brought the wrong memory card with me. Lol. I will post pix later as I am going to do a full write up on the 795. I've located some more .22 ammo. Trading 120 rounds of .357 mag for 2k rounds of .22 with a friend. And ALL of that is going to be shooting ammo. I really want to put this puppy through its paces. So far, my only complaint is that the grip angel is far to extreme of a slant. It hurt my wrist after a while so I need to either get a new stock, or modify the original. I'm leaning towards trying the badger m22 and just moving the peep sight forward on the receiver to give myself enough space so get a good cheek weld.

I'm also going to buy the DIP drop in trigger and guard. The trigger on the 795 is garbage, but I expected that. The only reason I shot it so well was because it reminded me of the plastic trigger on one of my old break action air guns that I put tens of thousands of rounds through (maybe 100k I shot like 1k every other day or so for over a year). Trigger is still loading its creep but I'd much rather just get a better triger to start with.

The tech sights were great, just a pain to mount parallel on the rifle. That being said I love the tech sights. Quicker to use than stock sights, and even more accurate than any other .22 in its class that I've tried. But most importantly, its fun to shoot. I don't get bored of it.

This rifle is plain and simple; efficient. Lightweight, magazine fed, good aftermarket sights, adequate trigger, large amount of storage in the oem buttstock for ammo, and most of all, it's fun to shoot.

One mod I will make that I a must, is to they mag release. The mags can drop free, it just takes some messing with. If I I had an extended release, it would be much easier. I plan on filing one out of brass and soldering it to the release, then drilling and tapping the center for a screw just for a wee bit extra security.

So ill leave it at that until I post some pix.
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