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Went to my local gun shop today and they had the 2005 Catalogs for Marlin and NEF..America's favorite riflemaker is trying the shotgun market again..Here are some highlights:

No changes to the Big Bores at all...though I would have loved to see the 444p come back in a stainless version.

They are dropping the 336CB in 38/55 and not replacing it with anything :oops: :shock: , this is causing a dilema in my head as I'm trying to save for an 1895GS but would hate to miss out on the 336CB as it is one of the finest feeling lever actions I ever picked up and there was one left at the shop with a $589 price tag as compared to $515 for the GS.

A new 1894 in 32/20, by the picture not the most attractive lever Marlin has made.

Now are you ready for this..the last 2 pages are filled with LC Smith Shotguns in SXS and O/U(not a LC original) made not here but Italy :oops:

NEF catalog:

3 new pump shotgun offerings and 4 auto shotgun offerings..

The good news from NEF is the Handi Rifle is being offered in the 500 S&W mag :D

I can understand that they have to make a buck, but they have never had great fortune in the shotgun market(imported no less) and did not offer their loyal customers any new offerings in what I consider their basic, go to line. :x
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