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Ok I have gone back and forth so many times over the years with this. I go through phases. One day I want a long octogon barrel. One day I want a short fast handling carbine. Now I'm lookin at my retro'd 338 mx (older stock, safety delete w/ saddle ring, and mule loop) and I'm thinkin how good it would look as a carbine with about a 16.5" barrel. Anyone done this? Got pics you'd care to share?

I'm thinkin about it. Other option is trade it for a 444p but I think I'd like to keep the 338 cause I think, even as a short barreled gun, I'd get more range out of that round than a 444 but still be quick enough to handle in the woods.

So post them pics if ya got em. Here is where mine stands as of today, minus the scope mount.
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