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Howdy yall. Im new to this sight and know this has probaly been brought up just dont know where. It is the Universal Rear Sight not a Ladder Sight. I just recently purchased a lever action and my question is how would you set up your universal rear sight my goal is to shoot 100 yards and closer for now. I purchased a Rossi Rio Grande 30-30 Stainless 20" Barrel. There are 6 steps on the on the Universal Rear Sight i am curious on how to set it up. Id like to know how they would set it up back in the day? I will only be shooting 100 yards and under I would like to know if I could set it up at 25, 50, 75, & 100 on the 1st 4 steps. then maybe leave the last 2 steps for maybe 150 and 200 yards later on down the road. I would really appreciate any information and knowledge yall can send my way. My rifle shoots high of course at 100. Is this the way all lever actions come shooting high? All my friends and I have bought lever actions various models and brands and they all have shot high. Are we doing something wrong like maybe using the wrong step on the Univeral Rear Sight? Normally which step is set to 100 yards? Im guessing I have to purchase a talller front sight and maybe fine tune the rear sight with some filing. Thanks in advance.
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